At Pieper Electric, “Our People Are Our Power” Isn’t Just A Tagline, It’s How They Do Business.

Pieper Power“We work tirelessly to keep our people safe, enlighten and stimulate their minds, and teach them how to be good stewards to the community in a truly serving way,” says Jason Borgardt, branch manager. “From these efforts, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.”

Based in New Berlin, Pieper Electric was founded by Julius Pieper in 1947, and is now one of the largest, most diverse electrical contractors in the state, offering automation, building services and maintenance, renewable energy solutions and energy consulting, high-voltage/line construction, wireless communications and water/wastewater construction. With over 10 locations throughout Wisconsin, the Madison office specializes in design/build construction of industrial, large and small commercial, retail, office and health care facilities, offering automation, electrical and low-voltage services.

“We provide full-service electrical coordination specifically tailored per project,” says Borgardt. “We design our customer’s electrical systems to meet their performance requirements, construction budgets, schedule requirements and to ensure economical operation for the lowest cost. Our reputation is based on customer satisfaction, we provide customers with quality work at competitive prices… We back up our quality installations with exceptional service and business performance few can match.”

In addition to providing a quality customer experience, technology plays an increasingly important role in the way Pieper Electric builds. “With the use of robotic locating hardware and sophisticated intelligent designing software, we are able to virtually construct anything from a single item all the way to a complete, fully-functional installed electrical system. Many of our projects are built in our prefabrication shop, delivered to a job site in sections, and then assembled on-site. This helps us construct a project in a controlled environment, which reduces labor hours, minimizes questions, and reduces the need to rework areas, which saves costs that we are able to pass onto our customers.”
As a whole, Pieper Electric, Inc. has 800 employees, of which 650 are electricians; the local branch itself is home to roughly 100 electricians and 20 office staff.

“All Pieper Electric, Inc. branches work as a team, helping respond to the needs of each other. For projects that need additional labor resources, we are able to quickly and confidently use qualified electricians from our other Pieper Electric branches,” says Borgardt.

Like other companies, Pieper Electric’s IBEW electricians have extensive training and bring hands-on work experience to the job. Borgardt adds that they are safe, experienced, reliable, and drug-free.

“Because of all these things,” he says, “we are cost-effective and we are able to get the job done right the first time.”

The relationships forged by being an IBEW member, and in turn, The Electric Group, not only bring strength to the industry, but to local communities as well.

“Being a union electrical contractor, our electricians have gone to school and worked with the electricians from other companies in our area, forming relationships. The Electric Group brings us together as a community helping to provide work to all the electrical contractors in our area. The Electric Group does a service to our customers, helping them save time by having all the information on local qualified contractors in their area in one website. By highlighting our strengths, the customer is able to choose the best contractor to meet their needs.”

Pieper Electric, Inc.
Madison Office
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Phone: (608) 829-4483