In business for over 115 years, the H&H family of companies has been serving residents and businesses owners. And from the division’s founding in 1956, H&H Electric, has grown to be one of the leading electrical contractors in southern Wisconsin.

“We have a long, proud history of service in Wisconsin,” says Bill Howe, president and owner of H&H Electric. “When we do a project, we’re not there to do the project and leave … we’re looking to start a relationship.

Serving the commercial and industrial industries as well as the public and education sectors, H&H Electric offers a 24/7 service department, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and a robust design-build practice. For clients interested in pursuing LEED certification, H&H has LEED-accredited Registered Designer of Engineering Systems on staff.

“We offer everything from engineering to pre-construction to estimation to pre-fab lean construction practices, all the way to commissioning and retro-commissioning exciting facilities. We also offer “parts and smarts” for low voltage systems and HVAC control design and installation. We are a one-stop shop,” says Howe.

Examples of clients and projects are Meriter Hospital, Promega, Fairway Mortgage Headquarters, Alliant Energy, and Galaxy, a new 12-story high-rise mixed-use apartment building East Washington Avenue. In partnership with sister company H&H Solar, H&H Electric is also installing a large, 7-megawatt solar project in nearby Dubuque, Iowa.

In addition to design-build services, H&H Electric is putting increased emphasis on design-assist work and lean building practices. Of the latter, he notes, “We spend the time upfront on the job to do accurate pre-planning, estimates and the like. This not only saves us time and money, it saves the customer and end user time and money, and truly results in the best product out there.”

Howe believes what has allowed H&H Electric to grow and be successful in Wisconsin and beyond is the value the company puts on caring for its employees and customers.

“It’s really a legacy of our company and has been since 1901. We care about our employees and our customers. We care about project costs and quality control. We care from start to finish,” says Howe.

As an example of this value in practice, H&H Electric works hard to keep its electricians and office staff consistently employed.

“There are some companies out there that will grow then cut their staff by project,” says Howe, “but we don’t like to do that. We go to great lengths to have work in the door. We want to be growing, not regressing, and have work for all our staff.”

Not only does H&H Electric take great pride in maintaining staffing levels, but the company is proud to hire IBEW electricians.

“I actually started out as an electrician in the field, so I have a great passion for employees in the field,” says Howe. “They are the face and heart and soul of the company. They do great work to create a quality product, and I couldn’t be more proud to have them as the face of the company.”
The same can be said for The Electric Group, of which H&H Electric is a member.

“Even though we are all competition, we’re all in this together and that shows in the group,” says Howe. “We’re all concerned about quality, our customers and our employees, and like-minded competition getting together through this group helps strengthen the industry as a whole.”

H&H Electric
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