Interested in a Career in the Electrical Industry?

Look around you – how much if your surroundings utilize electricity? Buildings, lighting, communication, appliances, entertainment. Inside and outside, modern life depends on electricity. Installing and maintaining electrical systems will always be in demand!

Composed of over composed of over 20 Electrical Contractors and IBEW Local Union #159, The Electric Group is now hiring!

Career Opportunities:


A career opportunity for anyone interested in a long and rewarding career in the Electrical Construction Industry. Apprenticeship is 5-year program available to anyone regardless of experience level. Apprenticeship combines structured on-the job training along with classroom related instruction. Allowing apprentices to earn a living while both in the classroom and out on the field. Read more…

Construction Worker/ Construction Electrician

Have you worked in the electrical construction and can provide proof of employment? Or Looking to get started with little or no experience? Based on your hours and skill level you place you within our Construction Worker/Construction Electrician program. For a career as a Construction Worker or Construction Electrician please contact:

IBEW Local Union #159
Casey Healy



Are you an experienced employee in the electrical construction industry with top level skills ready to be put to use on projects.

IBEW Local Union #159
Casey Healy


Project Managers/ Estimators

Would you like to be a project manager or estimator and work for 1 of over 20 premier electrical contractors in the Electrical Industry as an Estimator or Project Manager? Please complete and submit your resume to have your resume sent to over 20 Electrical Contractors.

Please email all resumes to:

Featured Member Businesses

  • Van Ert Electric Company

    With six offices across Wisconsin, Van Ert works in the heavy industrial and commercial fields, serving industries such as pulp and paper; power generation, infrastructure; ethanol and biomass markets; health care; and more. The company offers customers a broad range of services from low-voltage telecommunications systems to high-voltage equipment installations. Read more… 

  • H&H Electric

    It’s really a legacy of our company and has been since 1901. We care about our employees and our customers. We care about project costs and quality control. We care from start to finish. Read more… 

  • Schultz Electric

    We provide full-service electrical coordination specifically tailored per project. We design our customer’s electrical systems to meet their performance requirements, construction budgets, schedule requirements and to ensure economical operation for the lowest cost. Our reputation is based on customer satisfaction, we provide customers with quality work at competitive prices… We back up our quality installations with exceptional service and business performance few can match. Read more… 

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