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For the 28th year, The Electric Group has worked tirelessly through the year to be certain Southern Wisconsin will be able to gather with loved ones and make the annual outing to enjoy The Holiday Fantasy in Lights.

Fantasty in LightsThe Holiday Fantasy in Lights at Olin park is back again starting this week-end! The Electric Group invited Santa to town to flip the switch to turn the lights this Saturday, November 19th. Bring your family and friends to Olin Park as often as you like to enjoy the lights through January 2nd. Make the lights at Olin Park a holiday tradition: one of love, lights, and candy cane treats! An experience for all ages – no need to leave your car, stay warm and enjoy the holiday music and lights with one another as you cruise through the park. The lights remain on every evening through dawn for you to enjoy. www.FantasyInLights.com. Always Free of Charge.

Hfil2ow did these beautiful lights arrive to Madison? 28 years ago…back in 1989, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association decided to partner to promote cooperation and skilled union labor- this partnership is now known as The Electric Group. The first undertaking for the Electric Group committee members was to explore ideas about how to share their message of cooperation and skilled labor to the industry and even better, to the community. One of the concepts that first came to mind was a light show.  Even though no one on the council had any experience with this type of event, they knew one thing for certain. The skilled union electricians could light up anything. And what began as a vague dream grew into a beautiful plan…..a plan to give the fil5community a gift: the Holiday Fantasy in Lights. 28 years ~ Free as always. Happy Holidays to your and yours. Please enjoy the lights with your loved ones as memories are the best holiday gifts of all.


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